Top of Headphone with Mic

1. Parrot Zik 3 – Outstanding Headphone with Wireless Charging

This is among individuals headphones with a microphone which you’ll charge wirelessly using Qi charger.

This is among the most engaging options that come with this Parrot Zik 3.0. There aren’t great visible up gradations from Zik 2.0, however, the subtle up gradations are a plus.

This product has good noise cancellation technology in position, so individuals who tend to consider this sort of feature might opt for it. It resembles Bose’s Noise cancellation feature.

It’s a wireless headphone, which enables you to connect with two devices simultaneously, therefore, growing the options to pay attention and operate.

It’s got very awesome touch features around the right side from the headset, simple to operate and employ. You can operate this product using USB wired cable also.

Battery disappoints because it hardly gives 18 hrs audio when operated in wireless mode.

It is incorporated in the race to contend with the related Bose, Sennheiser earphones with microphone. However, it

Question : Why isn’t my laptop turning on?

You always start your work day by opening your laptop. But today when you pressed the power button, your laptop does nothing. Awful, isn’t? You try rebooting it again and again, but nothing happens.

Don’t panic! It’s very frustrating when I need to fix my computer and I don’t even know what happened. Well there might be plenty of reasons and we gotta find what’s causing your laptop to not turn on? So let’s start by some simple pc support techniques to find what’s wrong with the system.

Failed Hardware One of the most common thing that fails start-up of your computer. Most of people fear that their documents will be erased, but that doesn’t true. Actually your hardware is failed and you keep your documents in hard drive, so you need not to be worried. You can choose to take your pc at a technical support service and get it repaired.

Power Issue The first thing you should always do is to check the power cable and all other connecting cable. You can check the LEDs

This Parts and Components of a Security System

In the current age, where the fear of theft and crime is constantly haunting each one of us, the only around-the-clock alert vigilance of your premises can give you the much-needed tranquility and peace of mind. And, a security camera system can certainly do that as it proffers a hawk-like vision and never lets you miss out on any detail.

The most simple security and surveillance system would consist of an NVR (network video recorder) / DVR (digital video recorder), one or more security cameras and a monitor. However, there are many additional components as well, which can turn the system into a power packed video monitoring bundle. Some of these components are sensors, control panel, locks, detectors, and more. A rudimentary understanding of your video monitoring components can help you control false alarms; boost your sense of confidence and safety, in addition to facilitating a better communication with your security provider. You can always choose to get these additional components, besides the basic set of gears, to increase the watch around your property. So let’s get straight to

I Bought My First Pair of Wireless Headphones at an Airport Vending Machine and I Will Never Look Back

I love music. Whether It’s a quick walk down the street, a ride around the park on my bike, or, in the case I’m about to tell you, a 14-hour plane ride.

For this reason, I always carry around two sets of headphones. The first is a high-end pair of earbuds that I bought a number of years ago that have certainly paid for themselves. The second pair is the simple white buds that came with my phone.

Then, as I was sitting down at my airport gate waiting for my flight to be called, the unthinkable happened. My right side of my earbuds stopped working. Completely. And no amount of tapping, banging, or blowing into it seemed to do the trick. Considering I was about to travel for 20 hours straight, my heart dropped. And then I remembered my backup pair! Huzzah! I pull them out, dust off the years of storage dust, and plug them in.

Yep – you guessed it. They didn’t work either. Stuck at the airport about to embark on a long journey, and I have no way to listen to music or watch movies.

But then, out

The Ten common myths about Computer repair

If you love to play around with computers, you may have busted some myths about your computer already. Having said that, there are some myths about computer repair which you may not know about. These are –

1. You cannot defrag your computer Defragmentation might cause a horde of computer problems – including total system failures resulting in hardware replacement. But, you might discover a pre-installed straightforward defrag system in your computer already, with the help of which can perform defragmentation in your computers.
2. All Computer repair need an expert Many users see themselves as only computer users. In other words, they just know how to use the computer, but have no clear idea on how to troubleshoot, if an issue arises. Consequently,any issue that arises is therefore regarded as major and never minor. And they think that only a computer technician can fix the problem. But this is not true. Before raising the question of Fix my computer, hence, you should first look on the internet. Most of the times, the issue will have a resolution online.
3. A slow computer always needs re-formatting While a lot of computer/laptop problems need immediate

A Burger-Flipping Robot

The next time you place an order at a fast food joint, you could see a robot behind the counter. Flippy is an AI-driven kitchen assistant that can flip burgers and place them on buns, and it debuted today at a CaliBurger restaurant in Pasadena, California.

Flippy was developed by Miso Robotics and CaliBurger’s owner, Cali Group. It uses cameras, sensors and deep learning software to locate ingredients in a kitchen without needing to reconfigure existing equipment. Not only does it position and flip the patties, it tracks their temperature and cooking time too. When the burgers are done, it alerts a human cook, who applies the cheese and other toppings

“Much like self-driving vehicles, our system continuously learns from its experiences to improve over time,” said David Zito, CEO of Miso Robotics, in a statement. Eventually, Zito said Flippy can be trained to help with other kitchen tasks, like frying chicken, cutting vegetables or plating.

Self-ordering kiosks are already replacing workers at fast food chains like McDonald’s and Wendys. But, Miso Robotics said Flippy is designed to work alongside human staff. Once its “probation” ends in Pasadena, it will roll out to more than

This Essential Tools for Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest challenges we face as entrepreneurs is staying on top of everything. You have to respond to emails, make sure your website works perfectly, organize projects, keep in touch with your network, and avoid getting distracted by social media, cat videos, and tools that only make you less productive.

The Internet does not just enable procrastination. It also offers solutions to busy entrepreneurs: there is an abundance of tools and services that were created to help you organize your life and business, so you can focus on doing work that matters.

These resources were created by people who know what it’s like to have a to-do list that never seems to end. Many of them can be used for free, so there’s no reason not to give them a try.

1. Trello

Trello is a free project management tool that helps you get organized. It shows a board on which you can create lists filled with cards. When you open a card, you can add comments, upload files, create checklists, and more.

It is super versatile, so it can be used for many different types of things: to organize a specific

How can be Technology is Infiltrating the Old-School

President Trump’s protectionist rhetoric may have some real benefits — especially if you’re a shipping and logistics company.

“Our revenue doubled as soon as he won the election,” says Matt Tillman, founder and CEO of Haven, a hi-tech logistics platform for shippers.

With everyone worried about the threat of tariffs, taxes and quotas on imports, companies are shipping as much as they can right now. Natural resource traders like Louis Dreyfus and Glencore, in particular, are stocking up on metals to make sure they are on the right side of the trade.

And Haven is benefitting. The company has created a private marketplace where shippers can compare and purchase shipment capacity without a middle man, all thanks to its online booking platform.

As a result, Haven surpassed $3.4 billion a year in cargo value last year, says Tillman.

More importantly, Tillman is keenly aware that the benefits of efficient shipping help more than his bottom line. Keeping shipping costs down in turn keeps the price of goods down.

Keep On Truckin’

While Tillman grew up in a trucking family, he certainly didn’t expect to end up in the transportation business. He started at art

The Ways Chatbots Can Benefit Your Marketing Strategy

Chatbots, computer programs that mimic conversation with people by using artificial intelligence, “can transform the way you interact with the internet, from a series of self-initiated tasks to a quasi-conversation,” The Guardian declared last year.

Chatbots have been in use a long time, albeit in different forms. The automated customer-service robots that help navigate you through those seemingly endless phone trees when you call an 800 number were an early form of chatbots. So were the fake accounts that used to spam you on AOL Instant Messenger back in the opening days of the 2000s.

Today, chatbots are much more sophisticated and make use of some pretty high-level artificial intelligence (AI). The AI, in fact, is so good that many chatbots are indistinguishable from actual humans conversing.

The appeal of chatbots? That lies in their versatility. They can be used to perform a variety of different functions within the realms of customer service, customer interaction and many different “top of the funnel” advertising and marketing initiatives.

While chatbots have been around for a while, they recently blew up in popularity when Facebook allowed branded chatbots onto its Facebook Messenger app.

Branded or service chatbots are only one type of chatbot

Ways to make your computer run faster

What if your pc starts running slow? Would you opt to buy a new one? Of course no. In a day to day operations, you may be across this problem several times and you can’t keep changing your computer.

The frustrating poor performance leaves nothing but a repair service at the nearest technical support service or looking for an answer of how can I fix my computer over the internet?

Uninstalling Useless Programs This should be in the top of your list of yourhow can I fix my computerquestion. Your pc might be having lots of application and software that you may have never used. For having the best pc supportfor your device, you need to uninstall these programs, because sometimes they just start in the background and decrease system’s efficiency.

Deleting Temporary Files These are the files which are amassed in your drive when you were browsing the internet or saving the cookies. This may turn out a problem for your system’s performance and your pc starts running slow. This could be solved with no technical support whatsoever. You just need to delete the files present in the temp folder located

Tips avoid computer hang

There could be many different reasons why your computer hangs or freezes. The underlying problems that are generally the root cause of those pc incidents ought to be looked after, while the grounds could be called. Luckily, you’ve quite several resources open for you to begin troubleshooting your computer dilemmas.

What goes on when a computer hangs? When it’s totally unresponsive, notebook computer or a computer is regarded to possess hanged or frozen. You won’t be able to create any changes or input signal any actions within an unresponsive state. Many of the Computer Repair or notebook repair requests stem from this problem. You need to ask for tech support when the matter is more serious while you can resolve plenty of factors of your pc hanging.

Reason 1 – Your computer is multi-tasking Usually, the primary reason your personal computer or notebook crashes/hangs is because the pc simply wants to execute a lot of jobs simultaneously. For example, say you’re using a few applications designed to use use your computer Memory up. There could be some programs which may be attempting to utilize the storage of various other programs, but your pc

Engaging new software testers to time travel

Time virtualization enables a company to time travel its applications to any point in time and is a solution which can be used across a broad range of areas. It can be essential in some business software elements including the processing of month-end, year-end or quarter-end, workflow, policy life cycles and billing.

Time travel has been engaging software testers in forward thinking IT companies and other industries for years now as they have recognized the system’s ability to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve software testing options throughout the enterprise.

It is vital for software testers to engage with virtual software time travel as it simply makes all testing so much easier and is an indispensable tool in the modern age.

Without adequate time virtualization, testing will either take much longer, or the tester will risk missing things, and therefore the tests becoming ineffective. The key advantages which should engage software testers are as follows:

• Using a time simulator doesn’t change the system clock. It is a virtual clock outside of the system one.
• The virtual clock can either be put forward or backwards. It can also be stopped

Maritime Security with Vessel Protection

Maritime Security Vessel Protection, what is it?

Vessels and ships are very often at risk from criminal activity in many parts of the world by way of piracy or armed robbery. This has been prevalent with the increase of pirate activity, particularly off the coast of Somalia in the past ten years or so. Maritime Security vessel protection refers to the tactics and strategies employed by the ship to combat or deter maritime criminal activities.

Piracy and Armed Robbery, What’s the Difference?

In terms of maritime security, Piracy is, generally, any criminal activity committed against ships in International Waters and any criminal activity not taking place in International Waters is classed as ‘armed robbery’. Such criminal activity in the maritime security environment is generally hijacking of ships or kidnapping of the ship’s crew in return for a paid ransom being paid by the ship’s owners for the release of the crew or the ship. Hijacking of this nature was made more well-known amongst the general public when the Hollywood movie ‘Captain Phillips’, starring Tom Hanks, was released in 2013. The movie was inspired by the true story of the hijacking of the ship ‘Maersk Alabama’

Blending art and technology for your interior spaces

By AnchalChaudhary nchalChaudhary, Partner at rat[LAB]INTERIORS explores art and technology in a process-driven approach that gives body to the contoured morphologies of parametric design. Art is usually restricted to aesthetics, while technology is frequently confused with gadgets and tech-environments merely.Interior Design, as a profession, has been predominantly focusing on décor, aesthetics and beautification of elements that bind a space together.

In an attempt to explore complex processes and methods to articulate a spatial experience with innovative means, we have collated a broad range of unique and exclusively designed art objects articulated as furniture and spatial enhancers under the Parametric Art Collection 2017.

As fragmented curves bind together and form endlessly fluid surfaces, each object unveils a dynamic story to represent one’s lifestyle in a unique way, blending into any orthogonal or organic space. Each piece is carefully designed as visually sculpted monoliths or contoured morphologies in a multitude of joinery techniques and finishes.

The intent is to demonstrate the use of mathematically driven algorithms that transform the orthogonal nature of contemporary furniture or art into fluid forms and curvilinear morphologies. These algorithms have been used to generate formal sculptures that are then

the advantages of geotechnical make you boring?

There are many reasons why you may choose to conduct geotechnical investigations, including the necessity of determining good drilling locations and depths. Specialized technicians or geotechnical engineers are often hired to collect samples and get information about the conditions at the site of proposed excavation. This process is known as soil boring. For some applications, like wells, basements and foundations for office buildings, it is crucial to obtain data about the soil that is located sub-surface. Tests performed by geotechnical companies like Big Apple Testing help you obtain accurate details related to the ability of the soil to support structures on the surface or leakages. In what follows, we will discuss the major advantages of geotechnical boring.

While environmental drilling investigations provide an idea about what might be under the ground, soil boring offers precise information about what is down below. This is essentially the main difference between the two investigation methods. Boring offers the chance to remove the soil or rock for testing, the advantage being that you get the opportunity to see what is extracted. Geotechnical engineers offer you an accurate picture of the subsurface. As a result, you will have a good understanding of

You can Download Documentum Training Online

The program market is at this time facing a void for experts within the advanced software modules and keeping this because reputed software training institutes are providing regular coaching classes in addition to online tutorials for your aspirants to improve their career opportunities in the market. If you are searching for any flexible and self paced training course the internet tutorials are the most useful option because they are created for self learning covering all of the concepts around the module with practical in addition to project oriented training material. You will find courses around the latest documentum training that provides a company content management platform to securely store content underneath the compliance rules along with a unified environment. The curriculum is of industry standards with practical live examples for to be a professional within this module.

Additionally, there are courses on SAP workflow training which makes an expert in making use of the module to facilitate and automate business processes which are actually needed to be done by people. This module makes it simple for your users to monitor the company deadlines, derive statistic reports to finish work processes promptly. You are able to browse through

News Nimbus Data Partners with SK Hynix

Nimbus Data, developer of ExaFlash™, the world’s most advanced flash memory platform for cloud infrastructure and big data, today announced a strategic supply and technology alliance with SK Hynix, one of the world’s top suppliers of cutting-edge NAND flash.

“ExaFlash is the most scalable all-flash array ever conceived, incorporating up to 276,480 NAND dies, or 4.5 petabytes of raw flash memory, in one fully-redundant system,” stated Thomas Isakovich, CEO and Founder of Nimbus Data. “Our alliance with SK Hynix on NAND flash supply ensures that we can meet the needs of our Tier 1 customers, including leading Web properties, media/entertainment companies, and service providers, with the highest capacity, greatest energy efficiency, and lowest cost per gigabyte.”

The ExaFlash platform offers virtually infinite on-demand scalability, 95% lower energy consumption, unmatched multiprotocol support, and over 50x greater rack density, all at less than half the cost of competing approaches. At the high end, the ExaFlash D-series incorporates 4.5 petabytes (4,500,000 gigabytes) in a fully-redundant 4U form factor, a configuration that would require over 250 U (62x more rack space) with competing scale-out all-flash arrays.

“Our strategic partnership with Nimbus Data will help accelerate flash

About Boom Truck

A boom truck is the holy grail of construction work. It’s important because it performs three separate functions, using three essential pieces of equipment: combining to create a must have on any construction site.

How can boom trucks be used?

The first aspect of a boom truck is a hydraulic crane, which allows workers to lift heavy and sometimes unconventionally shaped items from floor to roof. A flatbed provides the second aspect of the boom truck, and space for items to be transported to and from different areas of a site.

Finally, the third aspect is a personnel hoist that lifts workers in the air, allowing them to reach and inspect a building site from different angles of construction. Overall, a boom truck it is an essential piece of kit that increases the efficiency, safety and versatility of any build – but it is best put to use on a construction site that has multiple different demands.

What kind of boom trucks do we use?

Boom trucks vary in capacity and versatility. At Eagle West Cranes, Stampede Crane and TNT Crane, we use boom trucks that can cater to a

About A Hydraulic Crane

A hydraulic crane is a type of heavy-duty equipment used for lifting and hoisting. Unlike smaller cranes, which rely on electric or diesel-powered motors, hydraulic cranes include an internal hydraulic system that allows the crane to lift heavier loads. This fluid-filled hydraulic system enables the crane to transport objects such as heavy shipping containers and tractor trailers, which are well beyond the size and scope of any other lifting device.

Each hydraulic crane can have an enclosed operator’s cab set atop a steel base. These styles of cranes can also be mounted on top of chassis with on wheels or rollers, while other cranes are stationary. From the cab, the operator controls a large arm known as a boom. Many hydraulic cranes feature a telescoping boom, which allows the operator to reach objects from a greater distance because the boom can extend out beyond the fix length. Cables, blocks and hooks attached to the boom can be used to safely hoist or lift different equipment. The crane’s engine powers a hydraulic pump, which applies pressure to an oil or fluid within the hydraulic system. Because oil can’t be compressed, the oil transfers this applied force to other

Info Linqto and Western Independent Bankers Launch New Apps Store

Why a WIB App Store is important Typically, millennials do not visit a bank branch and instead discover banks using their phones. Large banks are responding. BBVA has 24 apps on the Apple Store. USBank has 43. Community banks and credit unions can only afford one app, their mobile banking app. Discoverability by non-customers is impossible since the user must be an existing customer to access the app. Linqto provides the delivery of new Fintech software as a service. The Linqto Platform creates a revolutionary new marketplace where banks can brand new software and use it with their customers. Automatically. In an online store. Community banks and credit unions can now afford to compete with the largest banks by providing customers the latest financial technology. To meet growing consumer demand for progressive smartphone and app offerings, big banks have invested substantial resources in creating their own financial lifestyle apps, leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. Community banks, however, have been marginalized by development costs resulting in an inability to disrupt the market stronghold.

Now, with this new platform offered by Western Independent Bankers, member banks can compete and win with customized applications designed to appeal